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The main objective & Services of this Institution is

  • A ) To promote and train the south Indian Art of Dance / Music / Visual Art to the Younger generation with spiritual and discipline.
  • B) Imparting the efficient teaching for the students of Music / Dance / Visual Art courses to enable them to establish their own academy.
  • C) To make the student as Artists / Musician / Dancer / though quality based profession teaching in Puducherry and to seat themselves in Government and private sectors in various position.
  • D) Besides the above common services each department of this institution is Extending the following dedicated services to their respective students.
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Visual Arts

  • Visual Art means, the art which is penetrating in everyone's eyes visibly. It concerns primarily with the creation of beauty by expressing one's own emotions, sensations, feelings in simple and attractive way and the creations could be seen visually.


  • It is an traditional art of moving the body in a rhythematical way in accordance with the music and lyrics to express an idea or narrate a story. It is one of the oldest art forms being found in virtually in every culture. It is a channel of communication to express the feelings, emotions, sensation and humor without word.


  • Music is an art form of short and crisply as a harmonious sound. Music is divine and touches the lives of one who gives and the one who receive it. It is a shortest path to reach the God. The music which pleases our ears has harmony, pitch, rhythm, tempo and melody.